‘South Africa came to attack Israel’: Anti-Israel proposals defeated at IPU

Israel’s delegation at the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) annual conference on Monday was able to put a stop to two proposals that condemned Israel’s actions in the war against Hamas and called for an immediate ceasefire, a Monday release from Likud MK Danny Danon’s office reported.  The Israeli delegation’s success came after a heated confrontation […]

How Trump defeated Nikki Haley in her home state of South Carolina

Donald Trump’s big primary victory on Saturday over Nikki Haley in her home state of South Carolina was the result of a ruthless and methodical campaign to eliminate her as a threat, according to aides and people close to both campaigns. Despite having already secured a string of primary victories, it was crucial for […]

South African Christians to hold nationwide prayer for Israel

Hundreds of South African Christians are expected to gather in significant towns nationwide next Sunday to offer prayers for both South Africa and Israel. They intend to show solidarity with the Jewish state and to disassociate themselves from what they perceive as South Africa’s unfounded accusation of genocide against Israel. “Many of the Christian […]

US F-16 crashes in South Korea, pilot safely ejects

A US F-16 fighter jet crashed into the sea off South Korea’s west coast on Wednesday and the pilot was rescued safely, a US Air Force unit stationed in the country said, the second crash of an F-16 in just over a month in the country. The F-16 Fighting Falcon assigned to the 8th […]

US: IDF expected not to attack ‘no-strike zones’ in south Gaza

Israel is expected to refrain from attacking the “no-strike” zones it created for Palestinian civilians in southern Gaza, US National Security advisor Jake Sullivan told reporters as the IDF battered that area of the enclave from the air and sea.“In those [safe] zones we do expect Israel to follow through without striking,” he said. […]

Christians throng to denounce South Africa’s trial at The Hague

More than 1,000 Christians gathered in the Hague on Thursday to march for Israel and against the opening of South Africa’s trial against Israel at the International Court of Justice (ICJ). SA accused Israel of subjecting Palestinians to genocidal acts, a claim that nearly 30 South African Christian organizations refuted in an open letter […]

South African Christian leaders oppose ICJ charge: Cannot keep silent

Christians throughout South Africa have risen against the government’s decision to take Israel to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on charges that it is committing genocide against Palestinians in Gaza. “The African National Congress government and their allies’ decision to take Israel to the International Court of Justice has brought us to a […]

Pope ‘colluding with forces of evil’ against Jews – South Africa’s rabbi

Chief Rabbi of South Africa, Dr. Warren Goldstein, accused Pope Francis of repeating “the sins of Pius XII” and “surreptitiously colluding with the forces of evil” in an opinion video he shared on social media on Tuesday.  “By denying Israel the moral right to fight this war, by comparing its just war of self-defense […]

Who killed a group of civilians fleeing to the south of Gaza?

A video made the rounds on social media on Thursday showing several dead Palestinians lying in the road, belongings strewn where they fell. A man, on a bicycle, rides through the chaotic scene shouting “God, a child. God, women. God, the girl. Please God protect our people. Please look.” The video is the latest […]