Rare stone box from the Second Temple period discovered in the City of David

A rare and mysterious, multi-compartment stone container dating back to the days of the Second Temple that serves as evidence of the destruction of Jerusalem two millennia ago has been put on display for the first time at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. The square box was discovered during excavations conducted by the Israel […]

Stone balls worshiped in India revealed to be dinosaur eggs

A recent revelation in a village in Madhya Pradesh, India, has captivated the attention of locals, nature experts, and travelers alike, according to local media reports. The “stone balls” that have been worshiped by generations of residents are not what they were believed to be. These palm-sized objects, known as “Kakad Bahirav” to the […]

Animal and human remains found in ancient Saudi Arabian stone structures

Archaeologists have unearthed thousands of animal bones as well as human remains while excavating an ancient stone monument in Saudi Arabia. The discoveries suggest that people gathered at stone structures to perform rituals, depositing animal horns and skulls, in Saudi Arabia about 7,000 years ago.  Thousands of prehistoric rectangular stone structures called mustatils have […]

Stone age artists carved detailed human and animal rock art in Namibia

The Stone Age inhabitants of Namibia were so skilled at carving human and animal footprints that modern-day Indigenous trackers can tell exactly which species they were depicting. Engravings of animal tracks and human footprints appear in numerous traditions of prehistoric rock art around the world and many of these engravings can be found in […]