Ancient tomb with rare inscriptions discovered in Egypt

An Egyptian-German archaeological mission affiliated with the German Archaeological Institute uncovered a previously unknown mastaba, a type of ancient Egyptian tomb, while excavating an ancient cemetery. The tomb dates back to the country’s Old Kingdom (c. 2700 BCE – c. 2200 BCE) more than 4,000 years ago.  It contains inscriptions and representations of scenes […]

Tunnel that could lead to Cleopatra’s Tomb is ‘geometric miracle’

Beneath the temple ruins of the Egyptian city of Taposiris Magna, archaeologists recently discovered a secret tunnel dubbed the “geometric miracle.”The city was founded in Egypt by the Hellenistic king Ptolemy II Philadelphus between 280 and 270 BCE, and its name translates to “The Great Tomb of Osiris” (the god of death in Egyptian […]

Israel unearths ancient Greek tomb, rare bronze mirror in Jerusalem

A burial cave containing the cremated remains of a young woman of Greek origin – apparently a courtesan (professional mistress) of a high official in the army and the Hellenistic government as he traveled through the Land of Israel – has been uncovered in excavations on Via (Derech) Hebron in south Jerusalem. She was […]

Discovery of emperor’s tomb proves ancient power struggle in China

Discovery of emperor's tomb proves ancient power struggle in China

A tomb from 1,400 years ago uncovered near the city of Xianyang in Shaanxi province in China has proven that a power struggle occurred in the court of the Chinese emperor which was until now only mentioned in written accounts according to a Chinese report on the findings. The site is roughly 560 miles from […]