Eight Dem. senators urge Biden to suspend military aid to Israel, citing US law

NEW YORK – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s interference in US humanitarian operations in Gaza violates the Humanitarian Aid Corridor Act, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and other Democratic lawmakers claim in a letter sent to President Joe Biden on Monday. A statement on Sanders’ website said the law bars military assistance to any country when […]

Israeli orgs. urge Biden to stop ‘humanitarian catastrophe’ in Gaza

A group of left-wing Israeli organizations submitted a letter to United States President Joe Biden on Tuesday, asking that he encourage Israel to discontinue military actions in the Gaza Strip and continue administering aid.  The letter, which begins by condemning the October 7 massacre committed by Hamas but neglects to use the word “terrorist,” […]

US lawmakers urge White House crack down on Hamas use of crypto

US lawmakers urge White House crack down on Hamas use of crypto

A bipartisan group of US lawmakers is urging the Biden administration to swiftly crack down on the use of cryptocurrencies by Hamas and its affiliates following the Palestinian militant group’s deadly attack in Israel earlier this month. A letter sent on Tuesday to the US Treasury Department and the White House from 105 lawmakers […]