43 Valentine’s Dinners You’ll Love

43 Valentine's Dinners You'll Love

You’ve got the perfect gift. The most lush-looking chocolate dessert recipe has been bookmarked on your phone for weeks. But the main portion of your Valentine’s dinner? You haven’t found the one—meaning the right recipe—yet. We’re here to help. Is your ideal romantic meal something lavish or are you on more of the comfort food […]

If You Like a French 75, You’ll Love the Air Mail

Bon Appétit

As a freshly minted bartender, still learning the ropes at PDT, the neo-speakeasy where I worked, I spent a lot of time studying a Rolodex of cocktail recipes. This was the late 2000s, a time when smartphones were only accessible to well-off early adopters, so I mean a literal Rolodex—an acrylic box that contained alphabetical-ordered, […]

17 Chocolate Pies So Good, You’ll Need a Second Slice

17 Chocolate Pies So Good, You’ll Need a Second Slice

When a chocolate craving strikes (it’s inevitable) the options are endless. Beyond chocolate bars, you could dabble in chocolate cakes, chocolate cookies, chocolate brownies, and arguably the most underrated, chocolate pies. Let’s make one. While typically cakes are tender and cookies crisp, pies give you the best of both words. Whether it’s chocolate coconut or […]