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I enjoyed the dishes I tried from Martha and Marley Spoon (my fave was the roasted sweet potatoes and crispy chickpeas with marinated tomatoes and tahini dressing). That said, this isn’t much of a time-saving meal kit. Each recipe comes with pre-portioned ingredients and pre-made spice blends, but there’s still a hefty amount of prep work involved. I made a ravioli recipe that called for making my own caramelized onion sauce from scratch; it was tasty, but I’m not sure I’d be up for the task on any given weeknight. Most of the recipes also require you to have your own pantry staples on hand, like butter, white wine vinegar, and eggs. So, if you want a meal kit that allows you to feel like you’re cooking from scratch, as opposed to a “dump-and-stir situation,” this is your guy. Meals starting at $8.69 per serving

An actually-good prepared meal delivery service is hard to come by, but CookUnity is the best one I’ve tried. In terms of quality and flavor, it’s miles ahead of the rest, probably thanks to the fact that all the meals are crafted by award-winning chefs, including Taïm’s Einat Admony, Teranga’s Pierre Thiam, Mokbar’s Esther Choi, and more chefs we’ve featured here at BA. CookUnity isn’t strictly vegetarian, but with over 100 dishes to offer every week, they have the one of most robust menus I’ve seen—so you won’t have any trouble finding options that fit a vegetarian diet. I really like that each menu item features ratings and reviews from previous customers (something not as common among other meal subscription companies), which makes it easy to see which meals are worth your money. Some of the most highly rated vegetarian dishes include the chana masala with coconut rice, baked rigatoni mezzi with pomodoro and whipped ricotta, and Colombian-style sweet corn arepa with veggies and egg. I’ve found most of the dishes I’ve tried to be filling, flavorful, and well-seasoned, especially compared to other pre-made meal kits on the market. The portions are a lot bigger, too. While pre-made meals rarely taste as good as freshly made ones, CookUnity is a win-win if you’re interested in fully prepared meals, and it’s come in clutch for me during multiple busy weeks. Meals starting at $13.49 per meal

Sunbasket’s weekly menu extends beyond the basic “greatest hits recipes” I tend to see at other meal kit services—in terms of diversity of ingredients and dishes, the menu is unmatched. While Sunbasket doesn’t focus solely on vegetarian and plant-based meal options (they also offer meals that feature responsibly raised meats and wild-caught seafood), they do have some great veggie-based options to choose from. I really like that the recipes feature ready-to-use sauces and marinades that bring extra depth of flavor without any extra effort on my end. For example, Korean BBQ tofu burgers with daikon-cucumber salad come with a premade quick-pickle brine and the Burmese chickpea and tomato soup arrives with a garlicky, gingery, lemongrass paste. A couple other stand-out dishes include the rosemary-potato pizzas with fresh mozzarella and mushrooms and the okonomiyaki with sesame kale chips. And for times when you don’t want to do any prepping, you can visit their Fresh & Ready section for fully prepared, microwave-ready meals like spicy Sichuan mapo tofu and spinach saag paneer with basmati rice. If you appreciate culinary variety, you get bored easily, or you’re simply looking for some inspiration in the kitchen, this is a strong contender. Meals starting at $9.99 per serving

“Whether you’re looking for an introduction to Indian regional cuisine or an easy way to put dishes you grew up with on the table, Cumin Club offers low-effort meals that deliver big on flavor,” says Urmila Ramakrishnan, our associate director of social media. These are her go-to meal kits whenever she wants a hearty, satisfying meal but doesn’t have time to make something from scratch. All of the meals are vegetarian and take just five minutes to prepare: “It’s basically an ‘add water, heat, and serve’ situation,” Urmila says, and she loves it for that. The menu is divided into five categories (lentils, curries, rice, one pot, and all day eats), and features about 30 dishes to choose from. Once you select your meal plan, you can also filter the options according to your specific dietary needs, preferred spice level, and regions of India. Choose between dishes like vegetable biryani, paneer butter masala, and methi matar malai, a creamy curry flavored with sweet green peas and earthy fenugreek leaves. Urmila recommends the dal makhani, which is made from a short list of simple ingredients and has all the creamy richness you’d expect from the dish. The best part? It takes seven minutes to prepare, as opposed to overnight in the slow cooker. Serve it with a dollop of yogurt, chopped cilantro, and premade rotis. Meals starting at $4.24 per meal

If you don’t want to do any meal prepping yourself, consider Mosaic, a purveyor of frozen vegetarian and vegan dishes made with whole foods and no artificial ingredients. BA contributor Amanda Shapiro uses Mosaic from time to time and likes that the meals are actually high-protein and that the single-serving portion sizes are comparatively bigger than other frozen meals. After trying out a number of dishes, she realized there’s a bit of a learning curve to figuring out which ones are worth the money. Here a some tips for success: Go for dishes that are saucy by nature, like the delightful pepper, feta, and olive ragout over buckwheat and kale and the Italian ‘sausage’ and pumpkin lasagna; and do try the chef-crafted meals from Mosaic Plus, which are a cut above the other offerings in terms of flavor. One thing that sets Mosaic apart from other fully prepared meal services is that they also offer Family Meals, which heat in the oven and are designed to serve four (Amanda can vouch for the BBQ ‘meatloaf’ and sweet potato mash). If you’re looking for heat-and-serve, zero-effort meals that’ll fit into a vegetarian or vegan diet, Mosaic might be the food subscription service for you. Meals starting at $9.99 per meal

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