Trump faith adviser rallies millions of Christians to pray for Israel

Trump faith adviser rallies millions of Christians to pray for Israel

Former US president Donald Trump’s closest evangelical adviser, Florida pastor Paula White, has sent an urgent message to Evangelical Christians worldwide to pray for Israel.

In a video address, she said that when she woke up to discover that Israel was at war on Saturday, White “called forth our networks for emergency prayer.

“There are millions upon millions praying with you and for you,” White said.

‘We are here for you’

She told Israelis that she and her extensive network would provide “any kind of support” and that “we are here for you and with you.”

White, working with the local Christian-Jewish bridge-building organization Israel365, is also helping to raise funds to support Israel. An email message was sent to her with the opportunity to support Israel through her ministry or a special Israel365 charity fund.

“May you see miracle and miracle,” she concluded. “We thank God for you, and we will continue to stand in the gap with you, however long that is.”

White pushes Israel agenda

White has been in Israel multiple times and came for the first time with her husband earlier this year. While in the country, she told The Jerusalem Post that Christians should learn from Jews rather than try to convert them and studied the Torah with Jewish scholars and rabbis. 

During Trump’s time in office, White was instrumental in pushing an Israel agenda. Under her direction, Trump moved the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. He pulled America out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action Iranian nuclear deal, passed the Taylor Force Act, making it illegal for US funding to go to Palestinian terrorists, and defunded the United Nations Relief and Works Agency by executive order. His administration also announced that the US would no longer consider Israeli settlements illegal under international law.

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