WATCH: Israel finds Hamas rockets under children’s beds, in strollers

Israeli forces found rockets hidden underneath the beds in a child’s bedroom at a Hamas terrorist’s Beit Hanun home, the IDF said on Thursday.

The raid was carried out by the IDF’s 551st Reservist Brigade following intelligence gathered amid Operation Swords of Iron.

In addition, dozens of kilograms’ worth of explosive material and devices were found in the terrorist’s home.

The explosives were safely detonated following the raid.

The IDF previously reported that it uncovered a weapons production site near schools in Gaza, publishing footage showing the weapons storage site next to rooms where children sleep.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists discuss moving weapons in strollers

The IDF’s Military Intelligence Directorate also released a recording of a tapped phone conversation between two Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists.

In the conversation, the two terrorists are heard describing the transportation of weaponry in strollers. 

Discussing the logistics of said transportation, one terrorist is heard telling the other, that to move the weapons discreetly, he must “bring a baby stroller or something.”

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