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Magic Spoon makes a big promise: delicious, sweet cereals without any traditional sugars and with the bonus of added protein. But how good do they actually taste—and which flavor is best? I tested six flavors of Magic Spoon cereal, each in a bowl of milk, to determine which is worth you precious breakfast time. From delectable to downright unholy, here’s what I found.

The Sickeningly Sweet: Frosted

On crinkling open the bag of Magic Spoon’s Frosted I was greeted with a strong, chemical aroma. The kind you get from a plug-in scent diffuser, or one of those tiny Christmas trees you hang in your car. It was vanilla and cinnamon mainly, but also stale caramel. Unfortunately the first bite didn’t offer much improvement. It tasted of that same cloying vanilla, so overwhelming I couldn’t finish the bowl.

The Mysteriously Mild: Fruity

Magic Spoon’s Fruity cereal is not meant to taste like actual fruit, is it? My bowl smacked of a kind of sweetness not found in the natural world. Instead, it was reasonably close to Froot Loops—a resemblance I’m sure is on purpose. My first bite smelled like lemon-lime soda, and was grounded by a vague, generically fruity flavor. Think of kissing someone who’s just eaten a handful of Skittles. It was pretty good, and would definitely satisfy some late-night cereal cravings.

Just Nutty Enough: Peanut Butter

Now we’re talking. Peanut Butter smelled like roasty, candied peanuts. Its flavor was rather mild, but the smell was robust enough to trick my brain into enjoying it. No, it didn’t have the deep nuttiness of actual peanut butter, nor did it have the saccharine sweetness of something like Reese’s Puffs. It landed somewhere in the middle. Peanut Butter struck a good balance of savory and sweet: a breakfast I could eat a bunch of days in a row.

The Most Mellow: Cinnamon Roll

On first sniff, Magic Spoon’s Cinnamon Roll loops seemed hyper-sugared and blasted with sweetness. But the taste was a different story. Each crunch gave way to toasty, cinnamon caramel with the slightest breeze of coconut. The more I chewed, the more I realized: This tastes just like a Samoa. Although it wasn’t the most intense flavor of the bunch, I loved the easy, warm flavors of Cinnamon Roll.

The Pure Heaven: Blueberry Muffin

Did it taste like blueberry muffin as advertised? No it did not, but that’s not the point. I was treated to something even better. What greeted me when I opened the bag of Magic Spoon’s Blueberry Muffin was a heavenly mix of vanilla and berry aroma that melded happily in each bite. The angels sang, the clouds parted, and a light shone from the heavens as I munched away.

The Unchallenged Winner: Cocoa

As the little loops of Magic Spoon’s Cocoa tinkled into my bowl, I was prepared to compare them to Cocoa Pebbles, and assumed they wouldn’t come out on top. The cereal swiftly turned my cereal milk into chocolate milk—that was a good sign. “The folks at Magic Spoon,” I thought to myself, “might be onto something.” Things only got better from there. It was satisfyingly chocolatey, and as I devoured my bowl, I began to realize, it kind of tasted like chocolate pudding! Is there higher praise one could give a cereal?

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