What would Cleopatra and Augustus look like today? Check it out

Cleopatra and Augustus were truly attractive individuals, based on recent reconstructions of their faces in a contemporary context. History enthusiasts were very impressed by the updated look of Egyptian Queen Cleopatra VII. 

Earlier this year, Netflix’s attempt to depict Cleopatra was met with disappointment, further highlighting the excellence of the recent reconstructions. The renewed images showcase a woman with captivating features, including dark hair and enchanting brown eyes.

Some people commenting online expressed their satisfaction, with one Egyptian individual appreciating the video for its meticulous research and respectful portrayal of history. Others commended the accuracy, information, and entertainment value of this concise nine-minute video, asserting that it far surpasses any series on Netflix.

This is what Cleopatra would look like today:

This is what Augustus Caesar would look like today:

The face of Augustus

By studying models of his statues, researchers were able to modernize and revitalize Augustus Caesar’s appearance. Born as Gaius Octavius and the nephew and protégé of Julius Caesar, Augustus became Rome’s first emperor.

His military prowess paved the way for Cleopatra’s ultimate downfall, although he struggled to secure a successor to the throne. 

Now, centuries after his death, a reconstruction of his contemporary appearance has been unveiled. The modern adaptation of Augustus differs from previous depictions. Most portrayals of the emperor in the modern era have depicted him with blond hair, but this groundbreaking reconstruction presents him with a more accurate, darker hair color. 

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