Whistleblower reveals Israel hatred in Amazon communication channels

A whistleblower at Amazon has leaked internal communications channels from the e-commerce giant that contain pro-Hamas messages and defamatory statements toward hostages released from Hamas captivity.  

The whistleblower’s revelations were documented in a report by Jewish Legal News on Wednesday.

The whistleblower, who reportedly works for Amazon as a programmer, reported that Amazon employees had posted anti-Israel comments on a company Slack channel that contained over 3,000 members.

The Jewish Legal News report further added that pro-Palestinian flyers displaying a watermelon shaped like the State of Israel, an apparent call to erase the Jewish State from the map and replace it with an Arab Palestinian state, were disseminated in Amazon offices around the world.

The flyers were reportedly accompanied by calls of “from the river to the sea” on the Amazon Slack channel and by attempts to fundraise for a Canadian affiliate of Islamic Relief Worldwide, an organization banned by Israel over the alleged financing of Hamas.

An Amazon logo is seen at its centre in Darlington, County Durham, Britain September 3, 2020 (credit: LEE SMITH / REUTERS)

One of the posts on the Slack channel reported by Jewish Legal News, from an employee named Laith Abad, read, “Idk how Palestine gets their freedom, but simply asking nicely isn’t the solution.”

Hostages “treated well”

Akel’s post also asserted that it hadn’t been proved that any babies had been beheaded and that the hostages held by Hamas were treated well.

Similar posts claiming that the hostages held by Hamas were treated well by the Islamist terror organization were spread by other Amazon employees.

Other Amazon employees accused or shared posts accusing Israel of crimes, including organ theft, rape, and placing explosives in the belly of a child.

Meanwhile, the Jewish Legal News report noted that Amazon employee Carl Hage, who stated he was the moderator of an Amazon Slack community, admitted to censoring the voices of Israeli Amazon employees who attempted to push back at the anti-Israel narratives taking place in the channel. 

Separately, one of the hostages currently held by Hamas, Sasha Troufanov, is himself an Amazon employee. The report noted that the company has yet to acknowledge that an Amazon employee had been kidnapped.

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